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Puerto Rico!

WARNING: The following post is graphic intensive. If you are using a 56k modem, jump from the nearest building. On your way down ask yourself why you have neglected technology.


This is coming late, but I really had fun taking photos in Puerto Rico. We were only there on a cruise and for a very short period of time. At first I was a little discouraged that I would not be able to take many photos there because we were docking at night. Luckily, I brought a tripod with me on our vacation! BAM! Tripod, remote shutter release, my Canon, and we're in business. My business is stopping every 5 minutes, setting up the tripod, getting in peoples way, pissing off my girlfriend... and business is good.


This photo was taken with my Canon 50D. The photo inside the photo was taken at the fort in Old San Juan by our tour guide. The picture was just... meh... but the photo of the photo is something we'll put on the wall.

Photo of a Photo, Old San Juan

I dropped down this ledge to get a good shot of Suzette, I thought it was a great composure. That photo is further down, but the one you see here is a photo Suzette took looking down the ledge at me as I was composing the shot of her. It was taken with a Point and Shoot Canon SD750.


 Here is the photo I was composing in the above shot. I love how the shadow on the wall almost gives you a second perspective on the image.

Up the Ledge

I love this next shot because the silhouette of the palms really grasps the emotion of the scene. This was overlooking a beach from a cliff a couple hundred feet up.

Dark Palms


Downtown Old San Juan. At first I dismissed this shot and it ended up in my discard pile, but the more I looked at it the more I really felt like this was a candid shot of a local and less of a shot of downtown.

Candid Local


These dogs were growling and playing with eachother in this back alley while tourists such as myself were walking by not too far away.

They pay no mind to the tourists until one of them stops with a camera and tripod to take a picture.

Dogs in the Alley

This is where it gets scary. The dogs started running toward me in the middle of my second photo. I waited around for as long as I could until I was in fear for my life and had to snatch up my camera and haul ass.

Turns out they probably just wanted some food, but that doesn't make it less scary.

You can see the blur of the dogs on the left side of the frame.

Dogs in the Face

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