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This will be Bentley's debut on my blog! I considered posting this in the Fatherhood section but the more I thought of it the more I started feeling like though I am the disciplinarian for this little bundle of energy, I am more like a friend, or a companion. So that's OK. Bentley is a 1 year old Dachsund. I know, he looks like a Beagle, but he's not. He has the same coloration but I promise you he is a short haired Dachsund.

I just want to share a few photos that maybe no one has seen yet. This first photo is the first one we ever saw, it's the photo taken by the breeder. We fell in love with him through photos and really liked his name so we kept it.



Bentley in the Log

To my left you will see a photo of Bentley with his head stuck in a stuffed log. He was chasing the stuffed squirrels. They escaped. He sat like this for probably 10 minutes while we laughed at him. He didn't want us to remove the log, he loves it!














Hiding Behind My Leg

This is one of my favorites. This was probably 6 months ago, but he still sleeps like this hiding behind his own leg and opening an eye when one of us walks by.















Bentley at f/1.4

This last one is right after I got my 50mm f/1.4 Canon lens. This photo was from standing height and wide open. Another one of my favorites.

So say hello to Bentley!
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