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About is owned and operated by me, Shelby Foister.

I write... short stories, maybe some day a full book. For now I'll share some of them with you here. A lot of what I have been writing recently all takes place in the same world that I've been slowly building through the years. You can find them in the blog map.

I read... Well, truth be told I have a hard time reading these days without falling asleep so I listen to more books than I read. Regardless, as I read (listen) I'll give a review here. I generally use the same format for reviews.

  • Prose... Word choice, dialogue. How believable is the dialogue in the story? This one is the big one for me. Word choice makes or breaks immersion for me.
  • Setting... Is the setting believable? Is it impossible to believe, but intentionally? Is it well developed?
  • Plot... Does the plot grab you and keep your attention? Is the Pacing too slow, too fast, or just right?
  • Characters... Are the characters likable? Are they relatable or flawed? Too much or too little character development?
  • Overall... I've shredded books for bad prose and still liked the book. All things considered, did I enjoy the reading experience?

I photograph... Sometimes I pull out my camera for a shoot. I don't focus on it much these days but inspiration comes and goes.

I game (humbly)... I used to play video games as nearly my only source of entertainment. These days I buy games on sale or purchase them in bulk from humble bundle.

I parent... I saved the best for last. I parent more than I do anything else. Most of the time it's pretty normal stuff, but sometimes it's remarkable enough that I'll share it.