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A Farewell to what you’ve known. A long awaited reception.

On may 5th 2011 a truck arrived at my grandparents house in Moore, Oklahoma. My father is staying there for a while because of his new job and so it was perfect timing to get some movement on this project. The family stood outside watching the car being loaded, and watched as it got hauled off, with the exception of my grandmother who said she couldn't watch. As much as she hated the thing sitting in the garage all those years she had gotten attached to it.

Below is the first photo taken as it was being attached to the wench to be pulled into the car hauler.

Being Attached to the Wench

Being Wenched into the Car Hauler

Below is the last photo my dad took of the car in Oklahoma. As it was towed away I'm sure there were some emotions felt by the people that had spent the most time with it. My dad and my uncle. At this point I'm waiting very anxiously for the car to arrive at my house Monday, May 9th.

Being Towed Away

In my next post I'll post photos of the car being unloaded at my house and pushed into the garage.

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  1. The emotions were very high all day long knowing the truck was only hours away. After the car was on the truck headed to Florida it was like a old friend had moved away. Now the project of restoring the 68 Mustang can get started. So glad at this point.

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